Net Safety: Tips on the Go

A public service brought to you by responsible Internet corporations and leading online safety organizations.

Take control of your online and mobile experience with the first-ever digital safety and security advice app for your Android phone. It's free!

Net Safety Tips On The Go makes it easy to keep up with online privacy, safety, and security issues on your Android phone. This app provides quick, practical, friendly advice for you and your family. It’s delivered in easy-to-digest portions — one tip at a time — to help you use the Internet and your phone safely.

You set the frequency for receiving new tips. One a day? One a week? Whenever you choose. Your status bar will notify you when they've arrived.


  • For sharing and saving:

    Ping tips to your kids and friends via email or save to your phone for later viewing.

  • Current and relevant:

    New tips on the latest issues sent automatically to your phone.

  • Timely and convenient:

    Brief, easy-to-read tips delivered at intervals you choose.

  • Packed with expert advice:

    Tips developed by leading online safety organizations on important issues like:

    • Kids and Inappropriate Material
    • Mobile Privacy and Safety
    • Searching and Surfing in Privacy
    • Teen Concerns – Texting, Sexting, and Cyberbullying
    • Computer and Data Security
    • Hackers and Your Financial Info
    • Social Networking and Facebook Safety
    • Avoiding Identity Theft